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The Denver Highlands Church has been an enormous help and support to our efforts in Opatoro. This group is working on community development, providing books, and working with the local schools. We started our work together during our home stay in 2012. We initially started our brigades with a paucity of medical supplies, but the Highland Church worked hard to provide us with donated supplies through Project C.U.R.E. On our first brigade, our team was small and our patient load heavy. Our Denver friends chipped in and lent us their translators, they gave us a doctor and nurse from their team and jumped into the pharmacy to help us with dispensing. Since then, we have continued collaborative efforts in our mutual commitment to the community. They also continue to support us in providing medical equipment, sending us an additional five boxes of supplies in 2014. We are immensely grateful to them.

Helping Honduras Kids has developed an orphanage in Ceiba and the “Jungle School” for over 100 children that some of us support in sponsoring children and/or volunteering. We have occasionally visited them at the end of a week on a brigade, traveling with Marlon Jav to provide dental care to the children at the orphanage and school. David Ashby’s work with HHK is impressive and inspiring. We hope to visit again soon, and would love to collaborate more often in the future.

Give Hope 2 Kids is an orphanage at the end of the Cangrejal River, settled in over 100 acres  that the founders, Jason and Sarah, are using for crops, reforestation, coffee production, and so much more. They have developed a family/home model for their orphanage, teaching the children there and in neighboring villages about native agriculture. They offer programs for all children in the area (including a most amazing basketball court), and have built a library as well. Take a look at their website, it’s pretty impressive!