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Our Story


  thumbnail-8Terence Noonan is a practicing labor and criminal defense (public defense) attorney in Massachusetts. When he is not busy being a husband and father, he gives much of his time to community advocacy, housing, homeless and prison issues, town committee, and pro bono work.


Jennifer retired after 33 years as a Captain/Paramedic of the Eastham F.D. She met her husband in their mutual interest in community work, and now they are much happier and more productive in collaborating in their many interests. Jennifer still works part time as a Paramedic, and works with Terence in his law practice.


They have five children, and all of them have volunteered in Honduras. The elder three have become avid world travelers, and have volunteered with Cape Cares, Helping Honduras Kids in La Ceiba, in Kenyan and Bolivian orphanages, in Ecuador (mangrove planting). Two have chosen careers in the health field as a result of their experiences.


For many years Jennifer and Terence volunteered with Cape Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing dental and medical care to underserved communities in southern Honduras. Jennifer served as co-President for a number of years and Terence was a Board member. With Cape Cares, Jennifer and Terence led innumerable teams to different sites for successful week-long dental and medical missions, and they are very grateful for the rich experience and friendships that those years brought.


 CHP- Honduras is the outgrowth of 18 years of working experience in rural Honduras. Beginning in 2014 Jennifer and Terence started their own organization to facilitate a different model of development, a more collaborative and community- based model. Originally working on behalf of Cape Cares, they investigated the potential of working in a new area, Opatoro. They did a home-stay with Roger and Sandra and their children in 2012 while researching the possibilities. Working alongside with members of the Highland Church in Denver and with the guidance and local expertise of Marlon Jav, DMD, they met with regional officials and community representatives. The experience was unlike any previous visits to Honduras, and the potential to work in a collaborative manner that would offer a more sustainable outcome got them hooked. This was a chance to live within the community, to feel a part of it, to work side by side with those who are doing the work every single day with so few resources and with little professional collaboration. This was an area previously served by the Peace Corps, a community of proud, indigenous Lencans who offer a hopeful model of how it is possible to remain strong rand advocate for their population despite a myriad of challenges. They are an inspiration to us, and should be for all of Honduras and beyond their country’s borders.


We, Terence and Jennifer, have visited La Florida, Opatoro with two brigades in 2013 and 2014. Our team members are hugely dedicated to continuing our work together, and we are extremely grateful to the talented and generous spirits who have pledged to honor our mutual commitment to Opatoro. We couldn’t do his without them. Our spring brigade is robust (but there is still plenty of room!), and we endeavor to build a team that will make a similar commitment to coming with us each November. This sustainable model incorporates the high level of professional medical and dental care previously employed with Cape Cares, but is now done in concert with the local health care providers who bring to bear their local knowledge of the people, their home-environments, and a realistic assessment of follow-up after-care and referrals when necessary. The doctor and nurses know their community, and can guide us with the expert knowledge that is critical in providing best practices.


We have made a commitment to this community to not only aid in improving general health and outcomes, but, to the extent possible, to be a small part of the life there. There is a concern, a sense of the Greek term “agape,” which predominates. It is, in a word, a community. And we, Terence and Jennifer, are fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to visit and work there. If this sounds as good to you, as it has been for us, we would very much like you to volunteer.



Jennifer & Terence